A Beautiful Love story.

On the 30th of August 2020, I had the amazing pleasure of doing Jess and Jessica engagement shoot. This amazing couple contacted me before Covid-19 and you could just tell how excited they were to get the planning together for the biggest day of their lives.

These two were amazing to be around and after an hour of being with them, I just knew that when their big day comes everything would just fall into place. While doing the shoot, I asked them both how it is that they got together and it honestly was like something from a movie, so here it is.

Jess went on to tell me that they have known each other all their lives and from the moment he saw Jessica, he had a soft spot for her. They went to the same school together and even college but Jess just never asked Jessica out. A few years passed and Jessica was starting to wonder if Jess would get the courage to ask her out. As it turns out, he didn't, not yet anyway. A little more time had passed and on this one particular night Jess and Jessica were out at a party, the night was drawing to an end and noticing that Jess wasn't going to ask the question Jessica took it upon her self to ask Jess and of course Jess said yes and the rest, as they say, is history.

Here are a few images from the engagement shoot that I just had to share with you all, and I can't wait to do their wedding that's in the next few days. With COVID still looming over everyone things will be a little different but im sure that this isn't going to stop this amazing couple from having the most amazing day ever. I can't wait to be there and capture all the amazing moments that will happen.

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