It's finally Prom.

It's finally time, the party that you have all been talking about for well over a year. You picked up the courage to ask your date to prom and you have finally sorted the limo that you have always wanted. Mum and Dad have spent hours looking at suites and dresses, and you look amazing. All this, just to have a member of the family capture all the moments either to dark or not in focus. What a shame!

Last year I was asked to capture some prom photos, and honestly, I never really gave it a thought until I was there doing it. Why wouldn't you want a professional Photographer to capture these moments? For most, this is the first big event, it's the first steps to becoming an adult and this is a big deal.

Hire a photographer to take prom photos as you're getting ready, seeing your date in formal wear for the first time, and meeting up with your friends. If you're event has past, you could even relive getting ready for a photographer. (Who doesn't want an excuse to dress up twice?) You could choose individual photos, couple photos, group photos, or all of the above! The best part is, you can have a unique setting that is meaningful to you, have as many photos as you want, with whoever you want in them. Think of the beautiful family pictures you could have capturing this exciting moment towards the end of your school years!

If this is something that you don't want to miss out on, contact me via my website with the button below. It's never to late.

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