Should you hire a hidden photographer?

The short answer, absolutely, but here is why. So, you’ve got the engagement ring sorted that taken months to find, a suitably romantic place to propose after hours of searching, and preparing the words that tell your partner you want to spend the rest of your life with them after reading it to yourself in the mirror 100 times, all that’s left to say is those four little words, right?

While these are the most important components for your proposal there’s one other option that hasn’t been thought about, and could make your big moment even more special.

Hiring a ‘hidden’ photographer to document your proposal is a great idea for so many reasons. Why would you not want the reaction of the one you love capturing. I’m going to reveal the benefits of professional photography for your proposal and why you simply must have me there.

Capture the memories

One of the biggest regrets I hear from all my couples is they wish they had someone there to capture the proposal, its something I hear a lot and something I wanted to change.

Keeping things a secret and away from friends and family is the way couples normally go when thinking about asking the big question. There’s nothing worse than getting everything sorted and then telling your close friend who then may let it slip to his lady friend and before you know it, the surprise is over. This can pose a problem if you want to capture the memory on film.

By hiring a hidden photographer, you can keep the moment private and capture the memories, whilst avoiding the photobombs that every just engaged couple fears!

Tell the story

Telling your proposal story is certain to fill in the gaps when people ask, but nothing is as powerful as seeing images of the moment he asked and you said “yes!”.

By hiring a hidden photographer, you can capture the story of your proposal as it unfolds and share it with all your friends and family in the most amazing way. Proposal pictures are also fantastic memories to look back on so you can keep sharing the story of how they asked for years to come.

Save the date

The proposal pictures your hidden photographer will capture won’t just look great on your fireplace. They can be used to ensure the ultimate personalisation for your save the dates cards and invites that you will send out.

Your pictures can also be used on your social media profiles and wedding website should you decide to make a website for all your guests to share images from your big day.

Get a head start

There are things you should and shouldn’t plan early as a newly engaged couple, and I’ve done a blog talking about this that will help, but if you’ve found a photographer that has perfectly captured your proposal, why would you want to let them go?

Many people leave booking a photographer till they have sorted everything else. But think about it, if you have already found a photographer that you get on with and they have created some beautiful images for you why would you let them go.

Keeping with the original photographer has its benefits, Firstly you will all know each other and know how each person works. Secondly you know they style the photographer shoots in. But the most important part is you will have already met each other so as long as you and your photographer are a good fit, there won’t be any awkward moments. Chemistry is the key to having great images. You also want to feel comfortable with your photographer. Your proposal photographer will also have a little insight into your love story, and that always helps for future sessions.”

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