Why you shouldn't Hire me as your Photographer

Most day's I wake up and the first thing i will do is take a look at my emails and see if any new Brides have reached out to me.

And most morning's, right there in my inbox there will be at least one Bride asking if I"m free for their Big day. To this day I still get excited when I see that a couple want me to work with them, on capturing the biggest day of their lives.

Now most people will start the email by saying how excited they are with the starting off the planning. And some, will start by asking, "How much are you". As a photographer, I pride myself on the hard work thats been put into getting me where I am today and the time is has taken for me to get here. Not to mention the time i have missed out with my two young girls, but thats a blog for another day.

So here are a few reason why maybe I am not the Photographer you should go with.

Your MAIN concern is the Money

Ive been a wedding photographer for over 7 years now and i get it, the budget is a big part when planning a wedding . Suppose this is the deal breaker, and it came down to the last two photographers out of the hundreds that have been in touch. If it came down to price , them I"m telling you now, your focus is completely off with what truly matters. There are far more important things to consider than crunching the numbers. These include you're photographer's style , passion, focus, talent, and the most important, you're connection with them! You will be spending all day and even time before the wedding with your photographer, so its super important that you feel comfortable and confident with your photographer. This in-turn will bring out the best in you and this will then show in the final images.

Is your photographer going to add to your overall experience? If your not sure on any of these points, maybe dig a little deeper to think of what you'd value in a photographer.

You're NOT into an adventure

I do things 100% different to other photographers, period! I love working with the kind of people that just love to go with the flow and have adventurous spirits. I love to have fun, live in the moment, and get beautiful moments of people I'm with. Kissing in the rain, taking off our shoes and running down the beach, or positioning ourselves awkwardly on a ledge because we know that the final images will be totally worth it. These are the couples i work with. Are you concerned about the bottom of your dress getting dirty, even though your getting married in the woods? I'm properly not the photographer for you.

I'd Love to encourage you to find a photographer that fits you as a couple, who you are, and what you're all about. If you find the perfect match, you'll enjoy your day and be left with images worth far more than the paper they're printed on. Maybe that's not me, but if you resonate with this post, then maybe it is.

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