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Wiz & Yaz

Updated: Mar 20

On the 28th Feb 2020 not only did I get to be at my friend’s wedding, but he also asked me to be his photographer. This isn't something I would normally do, but Wiz wouldn't take no as an answer and in the end, I said yes and boy, am I glad that I did. Look how amazing they both look. Don't get me wrong I love weddings, that’s why I photograph them but when it comes to my friends, I would rather be part of their day with them.

On the morning of Wiz and Yaz wedding at the Sitwell Arms the party was in full swing. When I joined yaz and her bridesmaids in the salon spirits where really high and the bride was glowing with excitement of marrying her best friend, She told me the story of how they both met and how wiz wouldn't give up till he got the chance to take Yaz out. In the end she said yes and over the months they shared some amazing memories that they will have for a lifetime.

I’ve known Wiz for a few years now and I've never seen him in anything other than jeans and a top. So to see him in a suit was something special but I never expected him to pull of this kind of suit, I've always known him to be different and he loves to stand out from the rest that’s why he does magic after all. But today he looked amazing and really did stand out.

Let’s not forget about the bride who looked even more amazing and she really did make an entrance when she walked down the aisle. Everyone’s head turned to see her in that amazing dress and she pulled it off amazingly. Wiz and Yaz had their day at the Sitwell arms, the day started off a little wet with the rain and snow not showing of going anytime soon, but this didn’t stop this amazing couple who took it all in their stride.

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