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How Far In Advance Should I Book My Wedding Photographer.

After finally getting engaged after what may feel like a lifetime, you'll no doubt be getting lots of advice on when you should be looking at booking your vendors. The conflicting advice you get can sometimes make your head spin! But when it comes to wedding photography, how far in advance of your wedding date should you be looking at booking a photographer?

Although it can vary for different locations and clients, the average engagement is around 14 months and the average engaged couple books their photographer nine months before the date of the wedding. Every engagement can be shorter or longer, depending on the couple.

A great rule of thumb is, if your wedding is less than a year away, you should be taking a good look for a photographer that you feel can capture your day the best. If your wedding is less than nine months away, it should be your top priority in your wedding planning!

Why do you need to book your photographer so early?

With how 2022 has been and weddings being moved to 2023 making sure you get your photographer should be at the top of your list as these will be booked up fast. Unlike some other wedding vendors such as florists, tux rentals, caterers, etc. Photographers can typically only book one wedding per day. So when the photographer books a popular date, that date is taken and becomes unavailable for other couples. And as you can imagine, the photographers with more experience and a better reputation get booked earlier than others, so if you have a preference for a photographer, don’t wait!

Prime Dates

Prime dates for weddings will vary by locations, but in general, Saturdays are the most popular day to get married. The time of the year can make dates more desirable as well, with most couples preferring the summer and fall months to marry. Make sure to research when the “busy season” is for wedding photographers in your area so you know what dates are likely to book up fastest.


Holidays, especially those that are on a Friday or a Monday that afford people an extended weekend are very popular dates and will book quickly. You should also expect that those dates may come at a premium price and be booked extra early, for example, New Year’s Eve.

Vanity Dates

These are dates that have a series of numbers that are catchy, or easy to remember. For example, if you want to get married on March 03, 2023, that is a vanity date, and it may book very quickly. These dates are popular and will book out way in advance if they also happen to fall within the busy season.

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